Reflexology is always the answer

Today I picked my younger son up from the ferry. He had been visiting friends in Victoria for the evening and woke up in the early hours of the morning feeling terrible. Naturally, I assumed overindulgence was the culprit (he is 19 and of legal drinking age here in Canada), before I remembered that not only had my boyfriend and older son both had exactly the same symptoms earlier this week – 2 & 4 days earlier, to be precise. What I thought on Sunday was food poisoning (broccoli sprouts!), may actually be Norovirus.

Now, I’ve realized my MO when it comes to assessing illness – denial. Seriously, I was in agony for almost 12 hours and didn’t admit that my appendix may have had an issue until the CT scan confirmed it! Let me tell you, after being worried all day, packing for me, & escorting my sorry butt back home from Vancouver, my co-workers were almost more pissed than worried at my steadfast refusal that it was anything more than a cup of tea & a bath would cure.

At this point I have come to the conclusion, since 3/5 people that I live/come in regular contact with have now had Noro, and that chances are, for the remaining 2 holdouts, is we were next. According to my reckoning, one of us was due to get it on Saturday, and the last one would succumb on Monday. At this point, I’m hoping my daughter gets it next. Before anyone calls me an a**hole, know this; I have a scheduled hair appointment tomorrow and you KNOW how hard it is to reschedule at this time of year!

Aside from my hopefully unnecessary hair woes, what is foremost for me is really how little we can do for someone in the throes of Noro, which include vomiting, stomach cramps & diarrhea, sometimes all at once. G got E fruit popsicles yesterday, and E had the opportunity to return the favor today. What I can do, other than keep the bathroom sanitized, is reflexology. Not an entire treatment, but definitely the “dessert” part (usually at the end of a treatment, where I use a balm to effleurage (rub) over the foot. It’s soothing for the recipient, without being too stimulating. Most importantly, the relaxing, intimate touch lets the recipient know they are not completely alone (not too many people chose to go near a flu sufferer – us moms are kind of crazy that way).

Bottom line is; no matter what physical, mental, or emotional ailment someone is experiencing, almost everything feels better after a food rub. Hmm, they may be just sick enough to let me video that…. 🙂