About Me

cropped-vsbm-300x180 About Me

I have always loved bodywork! Even before I knew what it was, or had a name for it, or knew it was a profession (true that – my grade 9 yearbook has my aspirations as “wants to be a paid masseuse“).

I was introduced to reflexology in 1989 at Kibbutz Na’an by the resident reflexologist Adina Enoch. After a stop in Amsterdam to procure books and take an introductory course, I practiced my way through Europe, and eventually, the South Pacific, Central & South America, Bali, the Caribbean, Galapagos Islands, the USA, & of course, Canada.

Shortly after landing in Whistler, B.C. in 1991, I commuted to Vancouver to obtain my certification in reflexology at the Wild Rose College. I started a private practice, and began teaching in 2001, at first to other therapists at the Vida Spa at the Chateau Whistler, before becoming the premiere reflexology instructor for the Vancouver School of Bodywork & Massage from 2004-2017.

Since discovering reflexology, I have also studied many forms of yoga (which I also taught), Therapeutic Touch, Hot Stone Massage, Vipassana & TM meditation.  I am also a volunteer counselor for OPT (Options for Sexual Health).

Aside from my private practice on Salt Spring Island, BC, I have also shared my work with clients at the Salt Spring Centre of Yoga, initially as a therapist at Chikitsa Shala Wellness Centre, offering reflexology, swedana, pada abhyanga, & nutritive facials, which later segued into presenting the Saturday Evening Program for the famed “Yoga Getaway” weekends, as well as offering reflexology treatments in combination with dental work with Dr. Richard Hayden at the Island Dental Centre from 2005-2016. 

My vision is to share the benefits of reflexology with as many people as possible, with the intention of offering detailed and concise information for you to embody your best self, anytime and anywhere.